COMING SOON Former Irving Theatre - Wallasey - September 2017

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    Former Irving Theatre - Wallasey - September 2017

    This will be ParaNights biggest investigation to date exploring the whole building, staff have felt strange at times but tried to think nothing of it, staff who worked at the former bingo have asked the new owners if they have seen the Grey lady yet but to date they haven't seen her themselves. here is a little about the building.
    The Theatre in Borough Road, Wallasey stands on a site once occupied by Hope House and its gardens. The theatre itself was opened on 18th December 1899 by Sir Henry Irving, who allowed his name to be associated with the building on the strict understanding that the best of legitimate drama would be produced there.

    Mr J. Kierman, in applying for a licence, declared that accommodation had been provided for 2,500 persons and that fourteen dressing rooms were available for the actors to use.

    The theatre opened with The Sign of the Cross and other plays were A Royal Divorce, The Little Minister, The Only Way, and Charley's Aunt. In 1901 Uncle Tom's Cabin, in which Harry Bedford portrayed 'Uncle Tom', was described as one of the best presentations local people had had the opportunity of seeing for a long time.
    The last play, which incorporated a special engine-house scene, had live horses harnessed to a real fire-engine on the stage. Ironically, a week later, on the 19th December 1908 fire caused £1,000 worth of damage which necessitated closing the building for nine months for repairs and renovations.

    Later Years:
    Later years the ornate interior, complete with boxes and Victorian plasterwork was swept away when the interior was transformed into an Art-Deco style modern cinema, although, for some reason the stage was retained.
    Cinemascope was installed in June 1955, but the final film, “Sea of Sand” was screened in 1959. Bingo usage followed, with (for a time) a separate nightclub in the former balcony. The latter has now closed, but the bingo continued in the stalls and stage area of the former theatre but of recent the building is now a furniture shop.

    ParaNights has seven hours to investigate...

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