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    Well we just wanted to give a teaser into some of the paranormal equipment we have so far and building rapidly.

    ParaNights Equipment:
    x1 Gauss Master EMF Meter
    x1 EM Pump
    x1 Ovilus 5
    x1 Trifield Meter 100XE
    x4 Marbles (trigger object)
    x1 Dowsing Rods
    x1 Holy Bible
    X1 Sage Sticks
    x1 EchoVox (app)
    x1 First Aid Bag
    x1 P-SB7 Spirit Box
    x4 Two-Way Radios
    x1 Olympus DM-670 EVP Recorder
    x1 Ouija Board
    x2 Video Camera (night vision)
    x1 HD Video Camera (night vision)
    x1 Victorian Coin Trigger Board
    x1 Digital Camera (full spectrum)
    x1 IR Torch
    x1 Wireless Infrared Beam Motion Detector
    x1 Cross Trigger Object
    x1 Dowsing Crystal
    x1 K2 EMF Meter
    x4 Laser Grid
    x1 Mel Meter REM
    x10 Torches
    x5 Balls (trigger object)
    x1 CCTV System (8 channel, 1tb)

    Coming Soon:
    Thermal Imaging Camera

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