The Old Police Station - New Brighton - April 2017 - **

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    Well we arrived at 20:00 at The Old Police Station in New Brighton and we unloaded our ParaNights kit and got setup, at 20:20 myself and Simon started the baseline tests and apart from around electrical sockets there was no EMF readings to note. We met back up with the team in the kitchen area and got into our two teams and then got to work.

    Andrea, Lisa, Andy and Gary were in Group 2 and in Group 1 was Allan, Nathan, Simon and Abbey.
    The location itself has residual energy but if you asked me is it "haunted" i would have to say not really and i would give it two stars out of five.

    At around 23:45 we decided to set the Ouija Board up in the basement (cell area) and just as Nathan put the board on the table all the fire alarms went off across the building, we headed to the control panel which stated it had been activated in the basement (cell area), now this could be classed as poltergeist activity or could just be a general fault. We spoke with the owner and he informed us that this was something that use to happen a few years back when the building was empty but hadn't happened for a long time which was very interesting indeed. We seem to be the only investigation team this has happened to whilst an investigation was taking place.

    We come across various EVPs during the night, take a listen below.
    Our videos will be added shortly once we have checked through them.

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